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Windstorm Causes Tree to Smash Our Car and then Our Roof

Fall winds can be worse than the thunderstorms between spring and summer. They sure do clean the leaves off the trees! The problem is that they often bring the weak trees crashing down. The last windstorm brought down a big branch on top of our car in the driveway. It really smashed it up. If that was not bad enough, the whole tree uprooted and the upper branches knocked a hole in the roof on the front gable. We called for roof repair in Queens immediately. We could wait on the insurance adjuster for the car, but we needed the hole in the roof sealed up fast. The tree was not stuck on the roof or against the house. It just scraped it and knocked it on the way down. The bricks were intact and no windows were broken. We just had the missing shingles and hole in the sheathing of the roof.

The roof repair company responded while the storm was in progress. There was a break in the ferocity of the winds, and they put down a sheet of plywood to cover the hole. I would never have gone up on that roof with a sail in my hands like a piece of plywood is. At least the hole did not need an entire sheet of plywood, and that made it more manageable in the wind. They had ropes attached in case they slipped. It was scary watching them, but they are professionals.

After the storm was over they came out and fixed the roof fast. The shingles were practically new, but they were done by a different company about three years ago. The same brand and type of shingles were still widely available, so matching them was not a problem. When they were done, you could not even tell the roof had been repaired. You had to look real close to see the difference between the old and new shingles.

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