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Website for Comparing Texas Energy Providers

I am very much interested in locating a website that will give me a comparison of the various energy providers in Texas and break things down in some fairly high level of detail, showing the benefits and drawbacks of each company, and maybe some information about their pricing as well. I have heard of a few perks that some of the companies offer, but I need to know more and more importantly, I need to be able to compare the perks across all of the providers that are out there.

I think before you do something as important as establishing a relationship with a company that you are going to buy your electricity from for the foreseeable future, you should probably do your homework and know what you are getting yourself into. That is of course if you have the option. I am from a part of the country where there are not different companies that you can buy energy from but rather only one power provider supplies a given area, and so that only way to not do business with them would be to have enough solar panels or such that you did not need to buy electricity from that one regional company.

I like the idea of having choices though, and while I understand that some industries are regulated for the protection of the consumer, I think that it is not very hard to see that consumers should have the option to choose between energy companies and more importantly, that there is local competition among different companies for the money of each customer. I think that the customers win in such a scenario, and there is a real reason to abide by good business practices and to offer competitive prices for your electricity. So time to do some more research.

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