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We Want to Keep Our Daughter Safe and Happy

When my daughter graduated from school, she announced that she wanted to live on her own. She had lived with her mother and I up until the day she left for college. We knew she would be mostly safe while living in a dorm, but now that she would be out on her own, it worried me. We decided to surprise her with a condo at Coronado Shores after thinking about it for awhile. We knew that she would love it because she had driven past on many occasions and mentioned it would be a place she would like to live.

While we live in a nice part of the city, things have changed in our world. We have learned that anything can happen anywhere at any time. We really did not want to have our daughter needing to worry in life, so we decided that we would help her with that. She is very close to me and her mother, so I knew that she would be happy for the help. We met with someone there to take a look around at everything. We were really impressed with everything about the place. While we didn’t sign a contract that night, we brought a blank one home that night.

When our daughter came by that weekend for Sunday night dinner, we brought out the contract and told her that if she would like one of the condominiums there, we would pay for it with no strings attached. She elated by our news. She did want to go by and see them for herself, and she found one immediately that was ready. So, we signed the contract and paid for everything up front for her. She moved in this last week and loves how nice the place is. She has already invited us to her place for her very first Sunday night dinner that she cooked herself!

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