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Tis the Season for Sales

Since the big shopping season was coming, I wanted to make some extra money by setting up a website where people could buy certain items from me. These items were handmade crafts that I made out of wood. It takes a lot of time to make these items, and I put a lot of energy into them. I contacted a website design company to set up the website for me, and I finished making the remaining set of wooden crafts to be sold through the website. I expected to sell around 200 of the wooden crafts through the shopping season.

Once the website was created, I uploaded some pictures of the items that I would be selling, and told as many people as possible about the website. I asked them to spread the word to everyone they knew and I also posted about the website on all of my social media accounts. As time passed, I started getting orders from people who wanted to buy my products. I already had the wooden crafts boxed and ready to ship. All I needed to do was print a label after each sale and place it on the box.

The stock for my crafts ran out sooner than I expected. I had to put a notice on my website saying that I was out of stock, and that I would have to make some more before any new ones would be sent out. I quickly got to work on making some more. I didn’t want to rush through them and ruin the quality of the crafts. To make things simpler, I told the visitors of my website that I would only be taking orders in blocks of 25 on a first come, first serve basis. This allowed me to make more and ship them without being overwhelmed.

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