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The Trees Were Not in the Best of Shape

One of the things that I was most excited about when we purchased our new home was the yard. We had lived in an apartment for nearly six years, and having a yard of our own was a dream of mine. There were nearly a dozen trees spread out too. While I really liked them, I knew that they had not been cared for in a long time. They were huge, but they still looked pretty scraggly in some regards. I was not worried about it though because I found a great tree service in Long Island who agreed to come out after we closed on the house.

I knew that we were taking the house regardless if we lost the trees or not, but I was hoping that we would be able to keep them. After we closed, I called Clearview Tree and Land Corp to come out and take a look at the trees. I wanted them specifically because I looked at their website and was really impressed with what I saw on there. I knew that they would tell me if my trees could be saved, but I also knew that they would tell me if they just needed to come down.

When the person came out to take a look at the trees, I was really hopeful after he said that they were not in great shape, but they were not in such bad shape that they had to come down. He did say that it would take some time, and he wanted to prune them and treat them because some of them were diseased. The end result is that we were able to save every single tree, and they look absolutely gorgeous now. We have a standing appointment for his crew to trim them on a regular basis so they never get in such bad shape again.

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