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The Government Wants Me to Register the Business

I never thought about all of the details when I got started, because it was not a serious thing in the beginning. I was doing sales work and I found a couple of individual opportunities. My clients would need things or they would be unhappy with the vendors that they had. I would know how to find what they wanted from selling to other people, so I was just bringing people together and taking a little profit on the deal. Now I have to figure out how to do a company registration for Singapore. They must have figured out what I am doing and of course the government here is really strict. They are not going to do anything about it immediately, instead I have a grace period in which they are going to allow me to either get this done or to get out of business. In fact it is difficult to always tell whether I am in a business of my own or not.

For example I might go a couple of months without doing any business aside from what I am receiving my salary. Then something might come up and another thing might come up, all of a sudden I have been doing a lot of things all at the same time. In fact I am not really actively out there looking for opportunities to begin with. It is just a matter of happenstance, but that really does not matter to the people who collect the license fees and the business taxes. That is what it all boils down to. They expect to get all that is owed to them and what I owe them depends on how much business I do, but you have to register your business and then you have to report every penny that comes in.

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