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The Battle of the Ants

My home was recently invaded by ants. I was making lunch one afternoon when I looked on the counter and there were a lot of them. When I saw the ants walking all over my counter, I immediately thought of the song about the ants marching one by one, except in this case, they were marching in all at once. The first thing I did was put my food away and looked for pest control services in Chandler AZ on my phone. I didn’t want to look at those ants any more than I had to, and if I let them keep coming, they would be everywhere.

The pest control company that I found told me that they would be able to come that same day, just a few hours later. In the mean time, I tried to kill as many of the ants as I could. I used some spray made especially for crawling insects and sprayed them directly. The spray was rather smelly, so I had to cover my nose and mouth while I was using it. The spray was supposed to be instantaneous, but the ants didn’t really die until a few minutes later of being in contact with it.

Once the pest control company came, I showed them where the ants were gathering and they used their own brand of spray to spray around the house. Their spray was much more effective than mine, because any ants that came in contact with it died instantly. They also sprayed a barrier on the outside of the house and put some traps in the ground to kill any ants that may be crawling around in any secret tunnels that can’t be seen from above ground. I went back to eating my food that I didn’t get a chance to finish.

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