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I got this job straight out of college, which means I have been here for a couple of weeks now. Of course it is a small business and many of the people that I am working with are related to the guy that founded the company about thirty years ago. There are his kids and his grandkids, along with a couple of nephews. A few of them do not seem to be awesome people, but I am getting along well enough. At any rate the project now is finding seo services for small businesses after I get the web page to work properly on all devices. I noticed that immediately after I started working here, although it did not seem to bother too many people. You can not really use the site very well unless you are using a PC or a laptop computer. It simply does not work on a smart phone and you would think that would be a huge deal. However most of the clients are small businesses and obviously that means that the people we deal are usually secretaries sitting behind desks and looking at a desk top computer.

Obviously it is a big deal going forward, since you have billions of people in this world who do all of their interactions with the world on a mobile device. I have an old laptop that has made it through college with me and I shall probably replace it with another one at some point, but many people do not have any sort of computer. Obviously that is not accurate, since a smart phone is not much more than a handheld computer, and it does all of the things that a desktop can do for the most part. You definitely want to do business with these types of people too.

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