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Saved Us in a Pinch

Thank goodness for drum filling machines because our business would have been left in a real pinch when we experienced a catastrophic equipment failure. Even worse, said failure occurred just as our busy time of the year just started up. Our previous machine must have been made in the 1970s or even earlier because it truly was an ancient piece of equipment that should have been tossed to the curb decades ago. None of us could get it running again and when we called in an outside service provider they couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t even find a manual for it.

That left us in a real bind. I had horrific visions of the bosses wanting all of us filling drums with toxic chemicals by hand. We probably would have done it too because we all need the work. Fortunately, the big boss came down to the floor and decided it was time to replace the machine with something more modern and hopefully more effective at not conking out during the busy months. He went online and found a company that specializes in these industrial machines and picked out a real beauty. They got it to us in a matter of days too.

What I like about the machine is that it runs efficiently and doesn’t make a mess. The old machine mucked up all the time, but this one fills the drums like a dream. There’s no clean up. Even better is that the company got information from the boss about our products and the size of the drums and calibrated the machine to perform down to precise specifications. Compared to the old machine where we were constantly adjusting it, that’s a really nice feature. It’s so nice and does such a precision job that we almost feel we’re not needed around the shop!

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