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Pressure Washing Our Patio and Driveway

Every spring, I hire a company that does pressure washing in Bainbridge to come to my house and clean my patio. It goes through a lot in the winter months, and I figured this is the best time to have it cleaned since we do a lot of entertaining outside starting in the late spring months. We used to do it ourselves, but we just could not get it looking as good as what our neighbor’s patio looked like. When we asked him how he did his, he said the easy way, by hiring a professional company to do it!

We had to laugh at that, because he is right. That is definitely the easy way to do it, and we decided that was how we were going to do it too. We got the name and number of the company that does his patio, because we wanted to have the same quality for ours. We called and made an appointment with them at the beginning of spring last year, and they came out to give us an estimate. The price was extremely reasonable. We went ahead and hired them, and they ended up doing so much more for us too.

We had only pressure washed our patio since that is where we have our cookouts, but they did a small corner of our driveway too. They wanted to show us what a difference that would make as well, and we were really surprised. The driveway looked so different, so that is something else we are going to have them do for us on an annual basis. The price is right, and the change in appearance is nothing short of amazing. I know we are going to get a lot of great comments on how things look, and I already have the company’s name and number to hand out if anyone wants it!

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