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Our New Apartment is So Nice We Moved out of the Old Place Two Weeks Early

We use to live in an apartment that had air conditioning in the apartments, but the hallways were always hot. I guess it was a money saving thing. It did not save us any money. We were paying high rent for a junky place. When our lease expired we moved. We actually moved out two weeks before the lease was up. We had been looking at 2 bedroom apartments in Phoenixville, and found a nice place. It is really nice. I liked it from the moment I walked into one of the corridors and it was cool. I remember lugging a ton of groceries up to our old apartment and sweating in the hallways with no air moving. I know a lot of people have it worse, but we were paying to live there!

Our new building has an elevator. I usually take the stairs to help stay fit, but I will use the elevator on shopping day. The place has a fitness center, and my wife and I jog together along the creekside trail. The apartment is close to the Schuylkill River Trail too. We have stainless steel appliances in our kitchen that are inspired by a chef. It is really nice with its granite countertops. We have big walk-in closets and a washer and dryer too. Our other place had a laundry room where we had to pay to use the machines. This is so much better and still well within our housing budget.

We have enjoyed living here since our first day when we spent the night sleeping on the floor on top of blankets and comforters we brought from our old apartment. We never stayed another night in our old place. We still had a little more than a month to go there, and we only came back to move stuff out a little at a time. We were totally out just before the lease was up. The landlord actually called us and asked if we wanted to sign a lease for another year. We both just politely told him no thank you. The difference between our old place and new apartment is like night and day.

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