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My New Steel Building Location

My husband and I love to take Sunday drives after church. We will go into an area that we don’t know well, look at the scenery, and stop someplace new and have dinner. When we did this about a year ago, we came across a piece of property that I absolutely fell in love with. I knew that it would be perfect for my business, and the price was well below what I thought it would be. The main reason is because there was nothing on the site except trees, but I knew that pemb erection services would be able to help me create this space into my vision of perfection.

We had a little knowledge already of the steel building industry because our neighbor recently had one erected on his property. He is using his mainly for farm equipment storage, so it is not as big as the one I would need. I have been running my business out of my home, and I even had a showroom added on to it so my clients could see everything in person rather than have to look through brochures. I was outgrowing my space though and had been considering just building a huge showroom with offices.

I was able to contract the work out to Steel Nation, and they were so wonderful to work with. They handled everything for me other than the design, since I was very specific about what I wanted. They did give me some pointers though, and they took care of everything else like the environmental issues and making sure the electrical engineering was up to standards. It did not take them long to get this built either, and I now have a gorgeous showroom with several offices. I have had to hire three more people because business has picked up that much!

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