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I Wonder if the Boss is Not Crazy

Of course my boss does a lot of radical stuff that seemed foolish or crazy, but then worked out a lot better for him than any of the people around him would have suspected. In fact he was never the sort of guy who would strike people as particularly stable. He takes wild chances and it seems to be rooted in a love of risk. Of course now he has bought a 2017 Lamborghini Centenario and no one thinks that he is not going to see what it will do, I have been in a lot of cars with him and I have seen him laugh at police officers for writing him speeding tickets. This one time I am sure that he was astonished that they had not gotten him going a great deal faster than what they wrote the ticket for. Of course the problem is that the car he was in probably topped out at about one hundred and twenty five miles per hour. This thing goes almost a hundred miles an hour faster than that, at least that is what Car and Driver says after I googled it.

I can not imagine why anyone would need a car like this. If you were a billionaire obviously you might want to impress the other billionaires at the secret billionaires club, but the boss is not anywhere close to that rich. Obviously if you wanted to impress girls, then this is probably going to attract a certain type of girl. That probably is not the girl you want unless you have one of those things that says you get to keep all of your money no matter. The fact is that we are going to be worried about this for a lot of reasons, mostly because we wonder if we end up losing our jobs.

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