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I Look for Help to Carry out My Work Appropriately

When my boss told me that we were going to start handing out gifts to some of the people who use our services, I was a little nervous when he told me that he wanted to put me in charge of picking all the gifts out and that I needed to make sure that I ordered things that would be wanted. I’ve always had a tough time picking things out like that. But I found the FOTO88 Door Gifts website and that made it incredibly easy to figure out what I could by without a lot of trouble. Without the extra help, I may have struggled with this new task. I do not like to let my boss down if I can help it.

I started out working in the mailroom of our business because I had little experience, and I just needed to get my foot in the door. I later became the receptionist for everyone in our department. As soon as the office secretary decided to move on to another company, I was quick to apply for and get her position. I did that for about 5 years. At some point, I overheard my boss talking to a fellow manager about needing an assistant who would work only for him. When I got a chance to talk to him later that day, I pulled him aside to tell him that I would love to apply for the position to work only for him. He hired me to do that, and the nice thing is that it pays 4 times as much as I made as a secretary.

Because being an assistant means that I need to be on the ball and get the job done correctly and thoroughly, I take everything that I do very seriously. This is my first time having a chance to make as much money as I now make, and there is nothing I ever want to do that could cause me to jeopardize anything. I always look for answers and websites online that can make things go more smoothly.

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