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I Just Started Working Full Time

I started out this morning, but really early because I had to go to Passaic County. I am not going to be doing that every day, because my aunt is going to let me sleep in her extra room. She lives rather close to the place where I have to start out, which means that I have to go and pick up this electrician in New Jersey at his home. He has a medical condition which does not allow him to drive I suppose. There is some chance that he could pass out while he is behind the wheel. So far I have not seen any evidence that there is anything wrong with him, but that really does not have anything to do with whether or not there is. At any rate now I have the pick up truck to take home with me, but they are obviously going to keep track of the miles so I am not going to be taking it on any road trips.

The obvious thing for me is to pay attention and learn how to be an electrician. There is no point in wasting time and you have to look at everything as an opportunity. I am getting paid fairly well right now, even though I am not bringing much to the party. If I learn what needs to be done, then I can make a really good living. In fact a lot of the time I am not really working on the clock it seems. We have worked seven days a week so far, but only about forty four hours were on the clock. The rest of it we worked on side projects, helping this guy renovate a house. The other guy was not really happy about me, but he still came up with the cash to pay me.

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