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I Finally Saved Up Enough Money

Of course I started working on this long before I could have even gotten a learner’s permit, although when you are thirteen or fourteen years old there really are not that many options for making money. At least you are not going to be able to earn real money at that age, but you are left to make the best of your options. Fortunately for me I found a few really good clients for a yard mowing business. One of them was a Putnam county insurance broker with an enormous yard. He was paying a landscaper to do it and of course that was really quite expensive I would assume. I sat down and thought long and hard about what I wanted to charge him, because while I wanted to get the job it made no sense not to turn a good profit on it. Of course it helped me that I was close enough to drive my father’s lawn tractor there with a trailer full of tools behind it.

This was the key to the entire thing and it was a big help when I needed to get insurance for the pick up truck that I finally bought. My dad said that I was going to have to take care of that myself and it would have been pretty hard if I had not had his help. One Saturday after I finished up we sat out on his patio and drank ice cold lemonade while he walked me through it. I have a part time job now, working at a diner, but I still do the yard work where it makes sense. In this case it really makes a lot of sense, since I do not have to drive any place to get there and I can make pretty good money for about two hours of work

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