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I Do Everything I Can to Show That I Know My Job Well

It turns out that I am really good at setting businesses up and then running them for about a year before I run off to do it again at another location. This is what I do for a living. At each new place that I open, I make sure to get the audio visual equipment installation done, order the right furniture, help to hire the right employees to help get the business off on the right foot and so much more. I got this job thanks showing the president of our company how well I did when we worked together opening up a new location. I worked hard at that to impress him. Soon after he asked me to handle the same work for our next 10 locations around the country.

I’m not married and don’t have any children, so it is no problem at all to pick up and travel to a new location very quickly. I actually enjoy that kind of living. I believe in living simply in general, so I like packing as few clothes as possible into a bag and the ability to jump on a flight without needing to worry much about what I will bring.

At every location, I do everything I can to make the company president happy. I don’t want him to worry about whether I’m doing the right thing, so I stay as organized as possible. It’s a lot of tough work, but I really enjoy it. It has helped me to make a much higher salary, too. Just three years ago, I was making only $50,000 per year. Now, I pull in $150, 000 per year. I had never made that kind of money before, and it is important to show everyone that I am worth every penny of my yearly salary.

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