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I Am Working from Home Now

At first it was just something temporary, since my old boss had pretty much run the company into the ground. The guy was always a heavy drinker, but then his wife got tired of it and he completely fell to pieces. At any rate I had his clients needing their books done and they knew that I was able to do that. So I cleared out a room and I got the stuff I needed. It was not that much, just basically some tax software for professionals and a bit of furniture and office equipment. The things that you really need for this job are not really possessions, but instead you need to have the skill and ability to do the job. More than that you need to have a client list and these people need to trust you to do the job that you are being paid to do. Obviously if you do not trust a person, then you certainly would not let them do this sort of thing.

At any rate this is really working out well and it will so long as I can keep the clients happy. I could use a lot more work, but there is enough for me to make things work for me at this point in time. At any rate I am really not very busy right now. The clients are happy since I am charging them a good deal less than they had been paying. I figure that since I do not have any overhead they can not expect me to charge them for that sort of thing. I have figured out that I can deduct the room from my own taxes, or I could rent it out to myself if I am not too afraid of an audit. However that makes no sense in fact.

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