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Getting a Cheap Windows VPS May Be More Cost-Effective Than Dedicated Hosting

Our business has been growing. It is an online business. We started out with a shared hosting plan for a website. I was not sure it would ever grow at all. My wife and I did a lot of the programming for the website ourselves in the early days. She learned HTML quickly. I spent a lot of time learning how to make backend website operations actually work. Then we started to use content managing software. After that, we outgrew shared hosting and started looking for a cheap Windows VPS. We were not at the traffic and income level to justify paying for a dedicated server yet, but we wanted to make sure we could continue to scale up without having to redo everything.

The cheap Windows VPS we rent allows us full access of the operating system. We can manage the software that runs our content management system for our website as well as integrate software for inventory, shipping and more. A VPS is like having remote control of a computer connected to the Internet backbone. Technically, you could run a VPS from home, but even the fastest Internet Service Providers do not have upload speeds fast enough to run a VPS that hundreds or thousands of customers are connecting to every minute. You need a server running at your hosting company. The VPS option saves a lot of money over paying for a dedicated private server.

The computing ability of modern computers has made getting a VPS possible. It also keeps the prices low. We can actually afford to have a fully functional Internet server. At our bandwidth needs, I cannot tell it is a VPS running alongside so many other instances of the same thing on the same computer for other customers. We have no problems with lagging or slowdowns during peak usage times for the server. All of our reports show great speed and performance for our needs.

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