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Foods for Kids That Hate Vegetables

I really do not get it. Both my wife and I really like vegetables. We always have. Well, I do not care for those tiny cabbage sprouts, but I do eat pretty much every other vegetable. However, our kids treat vegetables as if we are trying to poison them. They are barely able to speak, and they turn their noses up even at carrots! I was so concerned that we went to see a specialist to make sure there wasn’t something wrong with them. They are okay, but need vegetables. So, we tried Orgain organic superfood and even hiding vegetables in things.

I used to have to hide onions in meatloaf where I used to work in a group home. One of the men would not eat if he saw a piece of onion. It was not the taste of onions that bothered him, it was the sight of them. I would just puree the onions before adding them to the meatloaf recipe, and he would eat it with a passion. The kids just needed to think they were eating something other than vegetables. We got them an organic superfood drink made for kids that has three servings of vegetables in one glass.

I know that the body will begin to crave what it needs after it experiences ingesting it on a regular basis. After a few weeks of the Orgain organic superfood, our kids started eating some celery with peanut butter. That is a tough thing to chew up for a beginning eater, but they are kind of crazy for it now. This lets me know that their little bodies are starting to crave other foods that contain the same kinds of nutrients the superfood does. As a parent you need to steer them away form breakfast cereals and other things that are loaded with salt and sugar and steer them toward wholesome foods that promote health and longevity.

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