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Easy to Find and Easy to Misplace

I lose USB flash drives like they’re ink pens. Just a few days ago, I lost one when I went to the gym, and before that, I lost one when I was riding on the bus. It’s pretty easy to find cheap USB flash drives, so whenever I run out, I just buy some more online and everything is fine. Although I use the drives to transport all kinds of files, including important ones, I always backup and delete the files from these drives, so I never lose anything that I really need, and no one else gets hold of my personal information.

Normally I get the standard flash drives, but I’ve started buying ones that have shells based on characters. There’s one based on a cool comic book character that I use all the time at home. I never take this one outside the house with me because I’m afraid of losing it. I could just buy another one exactly like it, but I have no idea how long that particular flash drive will be made, and if it’s ever discontinued, I’ll have a hard time trying to track down a replacement, assuming anyone would be willing to part with it.

I bought a few flash drives for my sister who likes to use them for the various movies that she makes. She’s an amateur film maker and records anything and everything that she thinks is interesting. Once she recorded me while I was raking leaves and made a weird music video out of the footage. She keeps each of the movies that she makes on an individual flash drive, similar to how film makers had their films on reels. Whenever she wants to view one, she opens the case that holds her flash drives, pulls one out, and pops it in her computer.

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