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A Gift for a Watch Collector

My father had a birthday coming up and I wanted to get him a nice watch as a gift. He has a large collection of watches that he keeps in his closet. My mother thinks he has way too many watches, but my father says that he can never have enough. When he eventually runs out of closet space to store all of his watches, I think he’ll start putting them in the attic. I went to TopGreatPro website to look at some reviews of watches that had been released during the year.

Every watch in my father’s collection is unique. They all have different faces, different straps, and come in different colors. Although some of them look a bit similar, no two watches are exactly the same. There was one particular watch that I saw on the website that was really interesting. It didn’t have a traditional face with hands, or even a normal digital face. It was a watch that used dots to display the time and date, but not with numbers or roman numerals. The wearer had to decipher the presentation of the dots with the help of the instructions that came with the watch.

When I gave the watch to my father, he was a bit confused because he didn’t understand how to read the dots. After looking at the instructions, he figured it out and eventually could read it just like any other watch. My father likes wearing the watch in public because he thinks it makes him look like some kind of high tech spy. My mom thinks he looks like a nerd with it on. If I had gotten my father one of those calculator watches, my mom would have really found it nerdy. Maybe I’ll get her a matching watch for her birthday.

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